NS Youth Rugby League and High School Statement

February 22, 2017

Statement on the Nova Scotia Youth Rugby League and High school season for 2017 by Rugby Nova Scotia provincial coach, Jack Hanratty.

In light of recent labor disputes within the education system Rugby Nova Scotia created a draft schedule for a Youth rugby league. Based on the recent turn of events and Rugby Nova Scotia’s continued support of the NSSAF, in particular the high school rugby league, this proposed league will no longer take place.

With that being said, Rugby Nova Scotia encourages any athletes or coaches who are interested in participating in Rugby but are living in areas throughout the province without a high school team, to contact us or the NSSAF. We would be happy to discuss opportunities to support your engagement in the sport.

As an organization we will continue to work in conjunction with Rugby Canada (our National Sporting Organization) and the NSSAF to share ideas, and ensure best practices for the development of student-rugby athletes. We will continue to conduct coaching and player development workshops across the province and encourage coaches, players and rugby enthusiasts to attend.  We look forward to continuing this relationship with the NSSAF by continuing to develop the game of Rugby and creating a healthy lifestyle that supports all student athletes.

We are once again looking forward to seeing young athletes proudly representing their schools and playing the game that we love.

Jack Hanratty

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