Eastern Canadian Rugby Championships 2019

August 15, 2019

ECRC – UPDATE August 15th

The Keltics are currently away battling with the East of Canada. For the first time, the Keltics program have traveled with four teams U16M, U16W, U18M and U18W.

The U16M, U16W and U18M will now compete in the consolation semifinals following pool play while our U18W team is one of only two unbeaten teams in the division and have qualified for the semifinals.

Full results:


Keltics 7 Ontario Central 32

Keltics 7 Ontario West 34

Keltics 14 Eastern Ontario 15


Keltics 7 Eastern Ontario 17

Keltics 10 Central Ontario 61


Keltics 19 Ontario 40

Keltics 17 Ontario West 54

Keltics 7 Newfoundland 38


Keltics 24 Eastern Ontario 15

Keltics 59 PEI 7

Keltics 10 Center Ontario 5

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