Rugby Nova Scotia is dedicated to the advancement, encouragement, promotion, administration, development and coordination of the sport of rugby in Nova Scotia through progressive leadership in cooperation with its membership and in liaison with Rugby Canada.

  • To be the governing body of the sport of rugby within Nova Scotia
  • To develop, promote and organize rugby
  • To increase the number of people playing rugby in a competitive and recreational setting
  • To assist clubs in their growth, development and effective operation
  • To work with the population not presently involved in the sport and encourage their participation
  • To organize, develop, conduct and sanction rugby events such as tournaments, clinics, and courses
  • To train and certify all coaches
  • To train and certify all officials
  • To facilitate the development of each rugby player to his/her full potential
  • To publish and circulate literature that will keep the membership and other interested parties informed on rugby in Nova Scotia
  • To operate effectively in changing times
  • To be recognized as an innovator and leader within Sport Nova Scotia

Responsibility – we believe that Rugby Nova Scotia and its Board of Directors have a responsibility to educate the membership and to foster the values of game of rugby

Universal – we believe that all individuals male, female whether young or old should have the opportunity to play the sport of rugby

Game – we believe in the values and norms (fair play, equity, integrity, trust and respect for others) that the game of rugby and its tradition have entailed over the past 100 years

Broad – we believe in being broad thus allowing us to hear and speak on the needs and wants of all of the membership

Youth – we believe that it is the youth of today and tomorrow should be given every opportunity to excel

Organizational Effectiveness – Rugby Nova Scotia as a leading PSO in Nova Scotia with active contribution by its members

Leadership Development – Rugby Nova Scotia is a leading province and PSO with consistent recognition of our knowledgeable coaches and officials.

Athlete Development – Rugby Nova Scotia is a leading province and PSO with consistent recognition of our athletes (m & f) at the provincial, national and international levels in all age categories.

Membership – rugby is a rewarding experience at both the recreational and competitive levels for all athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

Sustainability – rugby is a viable marketing option


 The Constitution

 Policy and Procedures

The Rugby Nova Scotia office is open:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30pm

The Administrative Coordinator can be reached by:


Phone: (902) 425-5450 x 368

Fax: (902) 425-5606